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Each Speaker Interview will be approximately 25 mins, then a live audience Q&A at the end.  

Introduction by Host Rebecca Scoville at 10:30 AM EST


Rebecca Scoville- Host/Life and Relationship Coach

 Guest Speakers:

Logan Cohan- Therapist/Clinical Supervisor/Author on at 10:45 AM EST 


Jonathan Wachtel- International Inspirational Life Guide/Speaker/Best Selling Author on at 11:30 AM EST

Dr. Robert Wilford Clinical Psychologist & 
Sarah Ferman Licensed Marriage Family Therapist on at 12:15 PM EST

BREAK 1:00-1:15 PM EST 



Dr. Thomas Jordan- Author/Clinical Psychologist and Psychoanalyst on at 1:15 PM EST


Angelika Koch- Master Life Coach/Certified Relationship Coach/Author on at 2:00 PM EST 

Jemma Rane- Influential Speaker/Certified Transformational Coach on at 2:45 PM EST 

Shane – Relationship Coach/Creators of The Living Relationship on at 3:30 PM EST 
Gail Crowder- Author/Certified Master Sexpert/Marriage and Life Coach on at 4:15 PM EST